砲台 Batteries


1. 九龍(山)砲台 Kowloon Battery


2. 臨衝砲台Linchong Battery


After the Kwun Chung Battle, Lin Zexu decided to reinforce the defence in Kowloon. So in 1840, during the reign of the Qing Emperor Daoguang, the Chengying and Linchong Batteries, as well as Kowloon Walled City were added. The batteries were probably started to build on 26 March, 1840 (Chinese old calender), and completed on 25 May, 1840 (Chinese old calender), i.e. in a very speedy 2-month time,yet the 56 canons have not been purchased in May.

官涌臨衝砲台規格 Specifications of the Linchong Battery

官涌砲台從屬 Hierarchy of the Linchong Battery

官涌砲台的煙滅 Disappearence of the Linchong Battery

3. 懲膺砲台 Chengying Battery

懲膺砲台位於尖沙嘴,後被英軍改為水警總部,現已列為古蹟,改建成1881 Heritage商場。部分砲台基座仍然可見。