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官涌之戰研究中心 Kwun Chung Battle Research Centre

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關於這研究 About this research

官涌之戰 Kwun Chung Battle

打開香港第一頁的真正史實 The Battle that Firstly Mark Hong Kong in History ;

第一場觸發鴉片戰爭的重要戰役 The First Battle of the Opium War

一段被人遺忘的歷史 A Forgotten History

發掘一處沒有遺跡的隱藏 To Dig out the History of a Place without Relics


Aims: This is an academic research homepage aiming at studying and promoting the history of the Kwun Chung Battle happened at Kwun Chung, Kowloon, 1839. It is "The First Battle of the Opium War"

活動和任務 Activities and Missions

1. 講座及研究報告發表 Seminars and Publications

2. 中英語導賞團 Guided Tours in Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) or English

3.爭取把1111日定為官涌之戰紀念日Seek for a designation of a "Kwun Chung Battle Day" on every 11th November

4. 爭取原址重建官涌砲台及博物館館 Seek for a rebuilt of the Kwun Chung Battery and a Museum at the original site

目錄 Contents :

概要 A Brief Summary

官涌之戰歷史 History of Kwun Chung Battles

對鴉片戰爭影響 Effects on Opium Wars

圖片 Photos, Maps and Drawings

史料 Historical Records

人物 Participants

戰地及船 Places and Ships

礮臺 Batteries

現時遺跡 Relics

參考書目 References

發表 Publications

連結 Links

聯絡 Contacts