九龍海戰 Kowloon Battle

九龍砲台位置 Location:


Kowloon referred to the Kowloon village, close to the Walled City of Kowloon. However, after the migration policy in Qing Dynasty, Kowloon village was converted into the Kowloon fort on top of a hill.

九龍砲台源起 History of the Battery:


In 1810, the battery was built for the purpose of fighting against pirates, and replaced the battery at Fat Tong Mun. A small fort was built at the head of the beach which then adjoined the site.



On 4 September, 1839, British sought food and drinks at Kowloon village, but was stopped by Chinese navy. Charles Elliot took 5 ships and shot the Kowloon fort. The Kowloon battle lasted for about 10 hours, and Charles Elliot left afterwards.

關於九龍海戰的中方報導 China's report:《會奏九龍洋面轟擊情形摺

關於九龍海戰的英方報導 British's report:Charles Elliot's letter dated 5 September 1839

備註及參考 Remarks and References:

區議會資料錯誤把九龍海戰與官涌之戰混為一談,讀者宜小心查察。Mistake is found in the following official report by mixing up Kowloon battle and Kwun Chung Battle.

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