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Hello, I am Rex and I am a LEGO builder, what I do is building LEGO Kwun Chung battles with loads of details and upload the photos here.

Here are a few of the British war ships

IMG 2922

British war ship's front head

One of the greatest British battle ships of all, Hyacinth.

My Hyacinth features a double deck with canons and a weapon stash at the lower deck while the bridge and the masts goes on the upper deck. You can also see a jolly boat which is for escapes when their ship are sinking. Soldiers are ready for battles, standing on the sides with their rifles ready for actions.

IMG 2920

Ready for battle, canons are ready

Under the captain's order, soldiers opens the hatch to let the canons go through it, fuse and canon balls are all ready, waiting for the captain's command to open fire. The LEGO canon is a workable canon including a spring action at the back, when a LEGO brick is place inside it, it can be pulled at the back to fire the LEGO piece, featuring a sling shot effect.