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[因為古今名稱有別,翻譯者又不熟識地名,引致資料無法理解。譬如一份道光17(1837929) 由廣州知府致義律函,因中文版失佚,只有英譯版和再譯中文版,詳細說明船隻停泊地點,但翻譯的地名完全無法與今天的地名配合,令史實失去意義。特此加入我對這些地名的估計,發現與今天的香港地理非常配合,希望對理解當時歷史有幫助。]

[Names of places are ever changing, and translators may not know well about the names of the country, and resulting in incomprehensible names of places. For example, in a Chinese officials' letter to Charles Elliot on 29 September 1837, as the Chinese version has been lost, although the English translated one states clearly the translated names of ship locations at that time, but the places mentioned cannot be found. The re-translated back to Chinese version is even worse that the context is totally lost. In the capacity of a Hong Kong citizen, I have tried to guess what are the original Chinese names of the places, and found that the places are in good match with the geographical relationships, hope it helps a better understanding of the piece of history.]

廣州知府致義律函 (1837929日,道光17) 再譯中文版 [英文譯版:Inclosure 4 in No. 109, pp. 237-240, Correspondence relating to China: Presented to both houses of parliament, 1840]

...躉船...最初於1821年進入卡普舒蒙 (Kapshuymoon) [應為今日香港的汲水門,Kap Shui Mun] 錨地,後來於1833年遷往坎新月(Kumsingmoon) [應為今日珠海金星門, Kumsing Moon]...25艘躉船停泊在磨刀島 (The Motaou Islands, or the Brothers) [應為今日香港的大磨刀,Tai Mo To, or The Brothers] 附近(在卡普舒蒙),而且還停泊在九島 (The Nine Islands) [應為今日珠海的九州,Jiuzhou]和卡布里塔角 (Cabreta Point) [1][應為今日澳門的雞頸,Ponta Cabrita]以及泰帕 (Typa) [應為今日香港澳門的氹仔,Taipa]錨地。它們在829日和30日相繼從那些地方開動,92日和3日,那些躉船中有19艘從磨刀島駛往尖沙嘴 (Tseenshatsuy) 附近,...7日起錨駛往大拉德龍島 (The great Ladrone [2] Island) [應為今日香港以南的大萬山島,Dawanshan Island]

"...After thus doing, we successively received reports from the Military Commander at Tapang, from the Sub-Prefect at Macao, and from the Civil and Naval authorities of Heangshan, to the effect, that there were twenty-five receiving-vessels anchored off the Motaou Islands (in Kapsingmoon) [this should be the Kumsing Moon, i.e. Venus Gate, Zhu Hai, China], as also in the offings of the Nine Islands [1] [this should be Jiuzhou, Zhuhai] and Cabreta Point [this should be Ponta Cabrita, Macau], and in the anchorage of the Typa [this should be Taipa, Macau]; from which places they successively moved on the 29th and 30th days of August; and on the 2nd and 3rd of September, nineteen of the said receiving ships proceeding from the Motaou Islands to Tseenshatsuy [this should be Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong] offing, and two of them from the Nine Islands, and one from off Cabreta Point, to the same place; further, that on the 8th of September, two vessels moved from Tseenshatsuy, weighed anchor on the 7th, and proceeded to sea, beyond the great Ladrone [2] Island [this should be Dawanshan Island, Zhuhai]."

source: UK Parliament (1840) Correspondence relating to China,

[1] Cabrita Point and Typa are considered the same place in Macau, and Nine Islands are equivalent to Cau-Chau (九州) in Bullock, Charles' (1884) China Sea directory, Vol. III: The Coasts of China from Hong Kong to the Korea.

[2] Landrones (小偷群島) is a name given by the Portuguese in former times to the numerous little islands in Hong Kong, on account of the piratical character of the inhabitants. (extracted from Smith, G. (1847), A Narrative of an Exploratory Visit to Each of the Consular Cities of China, p.70)

From a 1878 German map of Hong Kong (, Ladrone Islands refer to Wanshan Archipelago, Zhuhai, China (珠海萬山群島)


Ships Locations in 1837 Hong Kong


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