Kowloon Battle and Kwun Chung Battle demarcated the starting point of the Opium Wars, and were the first seven battles between China and British of the Wars in 1839. The importance of the battles towards Hong Kong people and the history of Hong Kong is now completely ignored by the Hong Kong Government. All the structures of the batteries have been demolished in 1841, and there is neither a museum nor a plate at the site. All information about the battles is virtually unavailable to the public, and indeed very very few people know about the batteries, let alone the details of the history.

To show our respect to the history and the brave heros who defensed and died for our city at the battles, it is incumbent for us to re-erect either the batteries or a museum (or at least a sign plate) showing the details of the events. It does not only help our next generations to understand why Hong Kong was handed over to British during the Opium Wars, but it also explains why the Treaty of ceding Hong Kong was signed in Nanjing rather than Hong Kong or Guangzhou.

This Wikia hopefully may pave the way to set up the museum in the future, although it may take a long time, your support and co-effort is indispensable to achieve the aims. If you are interested in this project and support the aims, please put down your messages or comments here, and help brush up the contents of this Wikia.



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